Audi Urban Future Award 2014

The expectation of the AUFA 2014 is to ex­plore, from the perspective of mobility, the link between data and design in the future of cities. The thesis presented by the Boston team is that a compre­hensive open-source mobility data platform can have a radi­cal effect on determining the future of cities. Hence, this meant calculating how managing mo­bility data to develop markets and create policy might reshape the actual design of cities, while improving urban experience. This was a new research area. While there was extensive re­search on trends in mobility, little had been done to estimate the impact on what we came to call the Mobility Revolution on the way today’s cities functioned, and how they might be designed or adapted.

Our Contribution:

In the frame of AUFA 14, MIC’s role has been that of supporting the team in shaping the concept of the 4M (Multi-Modal Mobility Market place): a comprehensive, publicly operated, dynamic open-source mobility data platform, designed to facilitate and acceler­ate industry innovation through open access of big data on mobility. Additionally MIC has structured the architecture and preliminary algorithms of the 4M dashboard, a digital tool that helps modelling, forecasting, mea­suring, and visualizing the impacts 4M will have on a number of key performance indicators that are related to the quality of the urban environment. In doing so, the 4M dashboard is potentially relevant to different user seg­ments, from the public to the private sectors, and the end user or individual stakeholder.

Audi, Urban Future Award, Boston

Main expertise: 交通和可达性战略咨询

Other expertise: 城市和区域交通规划, 创新型交通

Sectors: 数字移动

Year: 2014

Status: 完成