Audi Urban Future Initiative 2015 – Somerville

In the frame of the Audi Urban Future Initiative, MIC was part of the dialogue that Audi has been establishing on the evolution of mobility, focusing in particular on how cars will affect the city of the future.

Audi’s cutting-edge technologies, such as Piloted Parking, Traffic Light Online and Car2Ex are at the centre of this mobility challenge and MIC, along with an international team, has been studying how these futuristic mobility solutions will help shaping a more sustainable and efficient urban environment.

Thanks to its central location in the Boston metropolitan area and to its young and innovative character, the City of Somerville has been identified as the perfect place for the first implementation of the Audi futuristic technologies in the United States.

At the hub of the bio-medical research capital of the world, equidistant from Harvard, MIT, and some of the world’s leading teaching hospitals, Somerville is facing a strong urban re-development, attracting more and more investments along with a constantly growing demand for mobility.

Union Square and Assembly Row are the two developments where the team has planned the implementation of the technologies with the aim of creating a new vision able to alleviate traffic and steer parking towards a more efficient management. In order to do so, MIC, along with Audi, has created two different solutions: Advanced Arrival and Adaptive Flow, that respectively address the problem of parking and of traffic congestion.

Our Contribution:

In line with the Audi Urban Future Initiative vision, MIC is developing a sustainable approach to mobility that calls in a first place for a balance of the existing flows, providing a people centred approach to the planning process. In this frame, Audi’s technologies will allow maximising the synergy between the evolution of the urban environment, the mobility experience and the user.

Learn more about the projects at Assembly Row and Union Square.

Audi, Urban future

Main expertise: 交通和可达性战略咨询

Other expertise: 交通总体规划咨询, 创新型交通, 泊车咨询, 交通运输建模

Sectors: 数字移动

Year: 2015

Status: 完成