Chengdu's Future Science and Technology City


MIC is part of the team led by OMA of the winning proposal for the Chengdu’s Future Science and Technology City Competition in China.

The 4.6-square-kilometer masterplan has been envisioned as a pilot project to drive the development of the city around the new airport east of Chengdu and will include research institutes, a university, offices, retail, and housing in proximity to each other. The Masterplan centers around the themes of innovation and implementation of various ecosystems to create a future garden city that respects the agricultural origins of the site while embracing future technologies.

The proposed scheme connects the functional clusters with garden-scapes, promoting different functional programs inside each cluster. The TOD site and other core areas of the masterplan will also host public functions, along with the development of the Futian Station to connect the future city to the new airport and the greater Chengdu.

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Our Contribution:

We proposed a mobility strategy to connect the urban clusters through a multi-layered mobility network that promotes sustainable mobility and integrates well with the existing landscape and nature.

At the ground level, the proposed shared pathway connects each cluster across the network and provides space for pedestrians and autonomous shuttles offering an alternative transport mode for the last mile from public transport stops. The proposed strategy also focuses on Mass Transit including the underground metro and the overground Bus Rapid Transit, with all services terminating at TOD sites.

Innovative mobility, Public Transport, Public Space, Autonomous vehicles