Emaar Square Istanbul

Emaar Square is a large mixed use development located in the Asian side of the city of Istanbul consisting of a lifestyle shopping mall (230,000 sqm GFA) and several residential, office and hotel towers with a total construction area of approximately 717,000 sqm.

Our Contribution:

MIC was the car park consultant since the concept to the construction phase of an international design group, based partially in Turkey, Singapore and London.

The car park, counting of about 6200 parking spaces, is located in a 5-stories underground structure below the 3 stories retail deck hence extending 11 levels under the ground level. The project proved to be an extremely challenging because of the depth of the parking as well for the extreme complexity of the access arrangement in a consolidated urban fabric.

MIC through a robust use of micro-simulation modelling has defined the most efficient solution for the accesses producing a scheme that allows major car flows to enter and move within the car park compound without any traffic conflict. Particularly challenging has been the development of the complex system of cascading ramps running along the perimetral wall conceived to reach the bottom level of the car park with the maximum comfort, safety and speed.

Istanbul, Emaar

Main expertise: 泊车咨询

Other expertise: 城市和区域交通规划

Sectors: 道路基础设施

Year: 2009

Status: 完成