IFC Moscow Competition

MIC participated as traffic and parking consultant with SOM in the masterplanning competition for the international financial centre in Rublyovo – Arkhangelskoye. Object of the competition was the design of a 460ha mixed-use development located in <New Moscow> in the Zakharkovskaya floodplain of the Moscow River, 5km from the Moscow Outer Ring Road. The project involved the construction of offices, housing and hotels. As well as social and commercial infrastructures.

Our Contribution:

As mobility consultant, MIC supported the team in the development of all the transportation aspects of the project; the aim was achieving a high efficiency background, where private car is only one of the possible modes, a pedestrian and transit-oriented environment, a human scale experience for residents and workers with low energy consumption, satisfying all the transport needs demanded by a contemporary society. 

This approach minimizes the impact of private traffic inside the new built environment, promoting public transport and green modes and enhancing an easy switch between the different modes thanks to a series of main multi-modal transportation HUBs and local grid of multi-purpose transit stops. To achieve this, MIC was also involved into the definition of the road network and the parking strategy for the site, providing fine-grained and point-to-point connectivity, employing flexible systems such as the mobility on demand or the electric car-sharing program. The scenario was the perfect environment in which to apply cutting edge IT solutions, in order to create a proper user-centred, public transportation management platform.

Transit-oriented environment, Public Transport, Green modes, IFC Competition

Main expertise: 交通总体规划咨询

Other expertise: 交通和可达性战略咨询, 空间分析

Sectors: 旅游业

Year: 2013

Status: 完成