Istanbul Airport City

The New Istanbul Airport (INA) Airport City is planned as a mixed use development integrated to the adjacent terminals to which provides ancillary functions, but also as an autonomous urban entity that taking advantage of the proximity to the surrounding infrastructures aims to became a gateway, a main attractor and a recognizable part of Istanbul.

Located 40 km away from the city center, Airport City represents a set of clusters forming a 690 ha mixed-use development consisting of hotels, retail and commercial office space, logistic centers, an expo, convention center and public space land use.

The master plan guarantees an excellent operation in relation to the airport passenger movements, but also a quality urban environment for the visitors and the people employed in the site. The clusters are developed around a grid of infrastructure to create a transit oriented city with express connections to Istanbul (including a high speed train service to Ankara) and local connections to the close communities and to all the different airport zones.

Our Contribution:

Vehicular accessibility to the Airport City is partially shared with the Airport through two parallel highways that connect the site to the 3rd bridge on the Bosphorus, currently under construction, and to Istanbul.

An additional parallel collector road linked to the two highways will provide an alternative access to the Airport City and minimize frictions with the Airport related traffic. This road designed as a parkway following the natural topography will also work as main transit corridor.

The aim of a structured hierarchical public transport network is to provide a consistent and integrated system, insuring the livability of the masterplan, convenient connectivity with the adjacent territories and interchange between regional, intercity, city and local transit.

The project is currently under strategic planning stage and will be developed further.

Airport City, Mixed use

Main expertise: 交通总体规划咨询

Other expertise: 城市和区域交通规划

Sectors: 机场和空港城

Year: 2015

Status: -进行中

Client: IGA