Jeddah Old Airport Masterplan

The Old Airport site (7.950.000 sqm of land area) has been relatively vacant since early 1980s. Over the course of time, some development has taken place within and around the site while other projects have been approved yet unbuilt. The overall aim of the project is to create a new vision for the area.Thanks to its strategic position within the city, the JOAMP area could became a new vibrant centre and the new gate of the City. 270,000 employees and 385,000 residents are expected in the full built scenario.

Our Contribution:

MIC, as consultant to the leading architect HAK, was in charge of the accessibility, public transport, parking strategies and traffic simulations. MIC overall strategic vision was based on the development of a transit oriented transport strategy, with premium land use concentrated in close proximity with the main transport hubs. All the solutions were been verified through an extensive use of macro and micro-simulation modelling. Particularly challenging has been the development of a schematic design of King Abdulaziz intersection in the middle of the site which will be one of the most important nodes of Jeddah.

Jeddah, Masterplan