Madinat Al Nakheel New City

Madinat Al Nakheel is a new foundation city of about 1 million inhabitants planned in the heart of the Basrah province of Iraq. It’s strategic position between the Gulf states and Iran make it the possible the driving element for the foreseeable and desirable development of Iraq in the region. The Master plan aim to an “integrated city” to create a pattern of interlinked public open spaces between urban activities and their activities from one hand and to provide organic harmony with surrounding natural sensitive environment.

Our Contribution:

Following the concept of the integrated city MIC has developed together with the rest of the design team the mobility patterns of the new city starting from its connectivity to the regional main centres through different means of transport, including a new railway line. Internally, in harmony with the delicate ecosystem and in balance with the hard climate conditions MIC has developed a network of public spaces that privileges public transport modes and soft modes over the private cars. The plan was developed in different phases in accordance to the market study recommendations and in order to maximize the use of the infrastructures and minimize the energy expenditure.

Madinat Al Nakheel, Integrated city

Main expertise: 城市和区域交通规划

Other expertise: 公共交通咨询

Sectors: 新建城市

Year: 2013

Status: 完成

Client: Dewan Architects + Engineers