Magistral Bus Network Moscow

The thirty-nine route Magistral bus network is a result of intense collaboration of Moscow Department of Transportation with an international team of experts in mobility, public transportation and data analysis, that had aimed to improve the quality of life in the city of Moscow by providing world-class public transport services into the very core of the city.

The team of MIC | MobilityInChain, Jarrett Walker & Associates, and Urbica Design, together with the board of experts from different planning entities and institutions held by the Moscow Department of Transportation have been committed to rearranging the former bus network in central Moscow to make it useful to its millions of visitors, workers and residents.

Our Contribution:

MIC and other participants of the project are looking forward to proceed with further stages of the new bus network design and implementation, as well as they hope that the comprehensive approach to surface transport network planning will be distributed across the entire network of public transportation in Moscow and its suburbs.

Stage 1 of Magistral project, the new bus network for central Moscow, since its launch in October 2016, has been showing steady ridership growth, has successfully reached the milestone of 500’000 boardings daily, as it is stated in the official release of Moscow Department of Transportation.

This number is a result of more than 30% ridership growth on the routes of Magistral network, while in the core area, where many of the services have been re-introduced or raised in their frequency after more than 20 years of the former network operation, this percentage is much higher. The ridership totals are presently beating the other recent major public transportation project, the 54-km Moscow Central Circle railway line, which currently serves about 365’000 boardings daily with trains every 5 to 10 minutes in each direction.

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Main expertise: 公共交通咨询

Other expertise: 交通和可达性战略咨询, 道路设计和街景, 空间分析

Sectors: 公共交通基础设施

Year: 2016

Status: -进行中

Client: Moscow Department of Transport