Marassi Masterplan

Marassi is a premier tourist resort development 1,544-acres featuring seven districts each with its own character and is located in the popular tourist destination of the north coast in Egypt. The overall Materplan is already under construction and the aim of the project is to develop a new vision for the Town Center that will be the most energetic and dynamic of the districts in the Marassi master plan.

Our Contribution:

MIC was part of the planning team led by WATG and it’s role was to develop a series of transportation strategies for the overall Master Plan in order to have an integrated multi-modal strategy avoiding all the existing criticalities in relation to the parking, developing an alternative transportation system aiming for a new internal electric shuttle system, a new water taxi system through the planned artificial canals and improving the general accessibility strategy. All the solutions were been verified through an extensive use of macro and micro-simulation modelling.

Masterplan, Resort

Main expertise: 交通总体规划咨询

Other expertise: 泊车咨询, 公共交通咨询, 交通和可达性战略咨询, 交通运输建模

Sectors: 交通节点

Year: 2016

Status: 完成

Client: Emaar Misr