New Capital Cairo Master Plan

The Capital Cairo is a conceptual masterplan for Egypt's new capital city designed by SOM. The 700-square-kilometer <Capital Cairo> hopes stimulate Egypt's ailing economy and alleviate Cairo's rising population density, while adhering to the cultural and climatic conditions of its site. The planned city -a product of the collaboration of the Egyptian Ministry of Housing and a private fund of global investors - is projected to create more than a million jobs and house about five million residents over its 700 sq km. the Capital Cairo is grounded by several districts, ranging in function from business and administrative to cultural and innovative. Among these, 100 unique residential neighbourhoods will provide housing ranging from medium to high-density.

Our Contribution:

MIC supported the design team in the development of Transit and vehicular accessibility, connecting the new capital to the old city, while understating how to engage and integrate the New Capital with the regional transport framework. The assessment of the public transport strategy was made taking in consideration the Cairo 2050 <future vision> strategic planning framework. The mobility needs for the planned city were estimated and assumed by conducting a trip generation exercise based on the new capital’s projected population. MIC supported the design team in determining the transit corridors, roads hierarchy and city grid, as well as proposing a transit hierarchy and levels to provide an integrated and efficient public transport network for the new capital.

Cairo, New capital

Main expertise: 城市和区域交通规划

Other expertise: 交通和可达性战略咨询, 空间分析

Sectors: 新建城市

Year: 2015

Status: -进行中