Plano Director Geral Metropolitano de Luanda

The completed Plano Director Geral Metropolitano de Luanda (PDGML) - which encompasses the six urbanized Municipalities of Luanda Province across an area of 5,300km² has set out an integrated plan for the city’s transit-oriented growth and improvement for the territory. The provincial plan is an opportunity to address this imbalance and structure development in response to the city’s existing and proposed economic hubs. This establishes a new Provincial transport and infrastructure grid as a basis for new smart development corridors which will change the perceptions and face of the city for the years to come.

Our Contribution:

An integrated multi-modal network, where public transport plays a key role, is one of the core objectives of the PDGML. Several multi-modal key corridors will become the main drivers of the urban development and regeneration of the Luanda Metropolitan Area by setting up the main routes permeating the transport and movement network. This entails an integrated, cost-effective, public transport system with a mix of high capacity primary corridors, more urban secondary corridors, and a third level offering the capillarity that guarantees the greatest possible outreach for the service and the necessary feeding connections for the main lines.

The Plan was presented to the Strategic Committee of Luanda, composed by the Inter-Ministerial Commission and chaired by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos on 8th October 2015, who confirmed their approval of the strategy.

Angola, Luanda

Main expertise: 城市和区域交通规划

Other expertise: 公共交通咨询, 交通和可达性战略咨询, 道路设计和街景, 交通运输建模

Sectors: 交通计划研究

Year: 2014

Status: -进行中

Client: Luanda Provincial Government