The Green River Milano

Fiume Verde (green river) is an urban project that the team lead by Stefano Boeri Architetti proposed in response to the “Scali Milano” consultation: a public consultation announced by FS Sistemi Urbani to develop five visions on the future of Milan’s abandoned railway yards.

Green River aims to transform the 90% of the seven rail yards into a network of uninterrupted parks linked together by green cycle paths realized on rail trail lines and by the proposed circle line (M6). The remaining 10% could be employed to build high density urban areas.

Our Contribution:

MIC was in charge of the development of the overall mobility strategy for the project and in particular in the development of the Circle Line of Milan, designing it as a new line of Metro: by using the existing railways and by completing the ring in the West part of the city, the Circle Line (30 km long and with 36 new transportation hubs) will become the new M6 of Milan.

The mobility strategy thought for the Green River project is based on the vision of the future city of Milan. A sustainable city, a city for citizens with a new mobility system founded on the integration of different modes of transport. Green River, Circle Line, Cycle Line and the proposed transportation Hubs go in the direction of improving the choices and easing the movements for the users in relations to innovative transport systems and modal interchanges.

Milano, Green River, Strategy

Main expertise: 城市和区域交通规划

Other expertise: 交通和可达性战略咨询, 公共交通咨询, 交通总体规划咨询, 步行和骑行研究

Sectors: 交通计划研究

Year: 2016

Status: 完成

Client: FS Sistemi Urbani