Trehgornya Manufactura

Trekhgornaya Manufaktura represents the oldest Moscow textile factory, founded in the late XVIII century, located next to the Presnenskaya embankment of the Moscow River. It currently borders with Moscow CBD and other high-rise buildings and, as many other factories closed or abandoned once the production of large industrial enterprise was relocated from the historical part of the city, the area is subject of a major process of renovation to different land uses. Takin advantage of the position and the historical context of the complex, JCS “Trekhgornaya Manufactura” in cooperation with architectural bureau “Rozhdestvenka” developed a multifunctional complex project, including office, retail and residential landuse within the heritage background of existing buildings.

Our Contribution:

MIC was appointed to develop the whole transportation masterplan and a tailored access management strategy capable of integrating the needs of the high-end residential component to a flexible and simple access procedure for visitors and workers. The scheme hence envisaged a system of incremental security levels and a complex system of gateways to control the access to the site to specific users. Particular attention was paid to the quality of the urban space in particular in the design of the internal road network. The choice of quality materials for drivable surfaces and road solutions leaning toward a shared surfaces approach was proposed to achieve the most livable space and encourage pedestrian movements. The project also included the schematic design of the underground car park, which incorporated many of the existing building basements to a unique brand new parking structure.

Moscow, Access strategy, Parking strategies

Main expertise: 泊车咨询

Other expertise: 交通和可达性战略咨询


Year: 2013

Status: 完成

Client: JCS Trekhgornaya Manufaktura