Tripoli Public Transport Master Plan

In November 2010 the Tripoli Urban Planning Commission, pointing out the situation of traffic congestion which afflict the Capital’s road network, arose the need of accelerating the process towards the implementation of the first public transport system of Tripoli.

Our Contribution:

MIC was appointed at the end of 2010 to produce a study for the development of a strategy for implementing the first public transport system in Tripoli the Capital of Libya. Tripoli, with its 1.1 million inhabitants was a fast growing and vibrant north African emerging business centre.

The chaotic urban growth and the lack of planning process during the last decades, however, created a city environment congested and clogged with traffic. MIC (thanks to the fact that it's directors were previously involved in the Overall Transport Masterplan of the city in 2008) has been requested to develop a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) masterplan. The masterplan involved the creation of five BRT lines and several feeders. The study included a detailed masterplan for the first Pilot Line.

Unfortunately the planning process was stopped by the Libyan conflict.

Main expertise: 公共交通咨询

Other expertise: 城市和区域交通规划

Sectors: 公共交通基础设施

Year: 2010

Status: 完成