VDNKh Park Mobility Masterplan

VDNKh Park is a general purpose exhibition area and popular amusement park located in Ostankinsky District, to the North-East of Moscow city centre. It was built in 1939 for the “All-Union Agricultural Exhibition” and is characterized by several cultural heritage buildings distributed over an area of about 235 ha. In the 2014 VDNKh included the nearby Ostankino park and Botanical Garden leading to an increment of the territory up to 520 ha.

VDNKh is one of the most popular parks in the city of Moscow given its vast extension, the enchanting naturalistic views,  the year-round cultural and sport program. Also the adjoining Expo area contributes to VDNKh popularity hosting events during all the year, including business exhibitions and conventions.

After Moscow City and VDNKh administration announcement of a large renovation program of the whole complex, MIC was involved in the development of the masterplan with the assignment to provide cutting-edge solutions for vehicular access control, parking management, public transportation and mobility on demand.

Our Contribution:

The study was carried out in two subsequent phases. The first was aimed at evaluating possible alternative strategies also in the light of the demand of visitors and employees which was surveyed in multiple parameters (modal share, time distribution, purpose of the visit, etc). The outcomes of the preliminary study, coming with several functional arrangement of the access system, parking and transportation facilities enabled to highlight key critical issues and discover hidden potentials.

The second phase was focused instead on the development of the overall masterplan according to the preferred strategies previously outlined. Along with an overall review of the road infrastructure within the vast territory, a totally renovated access configuration has been designed to fit with the new access control managements and the proposed internal public transport system requirements. The project envisaged also the creation of new formal parking areas to enforce a more organised parking policy as well a widespread bicycle network that in conjunction with a system of bike sharing hubs would promote a sustainable mean for  internal mobility.

Moscow, Amusement Park, Masterplan

Main expertise: 交通总体规划咨询

Other expertise: 创新型交通, 公共交通咨询, 泊车咨询, 步行和骑行研究

Sectors: 旅游业

Year: 2014

Status: 完成

Client: JSC “VDNKh”