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MIC at (Fuori) Salone del Mobile

April 2010

MIC is part of the (Fuori) Salone del Mobile with a recent research project on urban flows and open spaces in Milan : Let's give Milan's squares back to its people.

The capillary accessibility provided by the automobile allowed the development of low density suburbs, and gradually eroded urban and social space in favour of vehicular traffic. Milan is one of Europe's most emblematic examples of the pervasive presence of the automobile, which brought to the reconfiguration of urban spaces such as city squares into traffic nodes, making them impermeable to public life. As is the case in Northern European cities, the volume of vehicular traffic in Milan is now stable and in the medium to long term will be reduced.

It is the time to reconsider Milan's public space with a conscious gaze which- partly through new tools for advanced simulation- aims to reconfigure Milan's squares starting from the quality of urban space rather than vehicular traffic, guaranteeing cohesive spaces centred on people and not on cars.

– let's give Milan's squares back to the city!

Tags: Fuori Salone, Milano