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MIC Takes part in the Community Engagement Event for "Raumwerk D – 2030 Vision for Düsseldorf"

October 2019

Kathrin Pinter Senior Transport Consultant and Ana Paez Transport Consultant of MIC joined Raumwerk D community engagement event alongside ‘Reicher Haase Assoziierte’ and LAND Germany GmbH in order to promote the team’s vision for the city of Düsseldorf 2030.
Through the slogan ‘Responsible City’ the team shared with the residents, as well as city planners and political figures a vision in which Düsseldorf collaborates with its neighboring cities. The vision aims at tackling issues such as urban development, private traffic and environmental concerns in order to improve the quality of life of its citizens. As firm believers of a ‘team work to make the dream work’, MIC took this opportunity to not only inform but also gather impressions and recommendations from the community to continue strengthening the vision for the Düsseldorf of tomorrow!