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MIC teaching at the MaCT | IaaC Barcelona

November 2018

For the third year MIC is part of the Iaac (Institute of Advanced Architecture) faculty in Barcelona . After two years of co-teaching with Urban Standards in the Masterclass course, considering how technology innovation in mobility will affect the shape and the patterns of the city of the future, now Sebastiano Scacchetti, Francesca Arcuri e Federico Parolotto are working with the 2018/19 students in the frame of the Future Mobility Seminar.

This year the class will investigate the relation between future mobility and urban environment, using as a testbed one if not “the” most representative infrastructures of the city: the system of las Rondas, the orbital high capacity corridor which functional and visual impact on the urban structure has characterized Barcelona in the last 25 years.
IaaC, with the MaCT classes and the Seminar led by MIC in particular, will be part of the broader city initiative of “Des-Cobrir LES RONDES”, a synergic effort of Barcelona Universities, architectural firms as well as Municipal and Metropolitan departments of urban and mobility planning in imagining a different future for Las Rondas.

October 19th to 21st MIC has been part with IaaC students of the “Des-Cobrir LES RONDES” opening Hackathon. A 3 days cycling experience of las Rondas, their context, uses and population to start the creative process leading to the initiative’s final exhibition in January 2019.

For more info visit the MaCT masterclasses 2017, 2018 and the 2019 Future Mobility Seminar @ IaaC website and blog.