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MLA+, MIC and DMAU win Hong Kong Walk des Voeux Road Central international design competition

November 2018

MIC, teaming together with MLA+ and DMAU realized the winning proposal for the competition for the design of the central Des Voeux Road in Hong Kong to enhance its livability and pedestrian friendliness as part of an effort to revitalize and reimagine Hong Kong’s Central Business District.
This road is an extremely dynamic environment where different flows combine: pedestrians, cars, trams and buses interact with each other generating a mixture of mobility needs. Adding space for pedestrians was challenging and was resolved by adding an extra level to accommodate places to stay and enjoy: the tops of the five tram stops along the road became iconic elevated plazas, each with its peculiar character. Des Voeux Road Central was transformed into a distinctly three-dimensional public environment.
MIC participated to the creative process that led to the definition of the idea, and produced the simulations of the flows of pedestrians along the streets.

Watch the project video here

Tags: Pedestrian, Pedestrian Modeling, Hong Kong, MLA+, Des Voeux Road - Hong Kong