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Mobility In Chain @ MeetingRimini 2018

October 2018

This August MIC had the pleasure to share its view on the mobility of the future within the framework of the MOVE TO MEET exhibition at the XXXIX edition of the Meeting di Rimini. While putting the focus on the human being and their emotional dynamics as one of the elements moving the world, the kermess has dedicated relevant space and attention to how mobility has changed throughout the history of our country and how that has been reflecting the social aspects of our community. In this framework, MIC has shared a sustainable vision for the future of mobility on our territory (and beyond), bringing to the table, through data visualization and mapping, the possible impact of technology on the mobility patterns at the national scale.

Federico Parolotto, co-founder of Mobility In Chain, was one of the speakers on the stage of the “Grandi Opere o Opere Grandi?” panel, along with Maurizio Gentile, CEO of RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana), and Prof. Giuseppe Catalano from La Sapienza University in Rome and former Head of the Strategic Office of the Ministry of Transport (Struttura Tecnica di Missione del MIT): “ It was a great experience having the opportunity to discuss the future of mobility on that stage, and in a great measure because of the enthusiasm and involvement that I saw among the younger generations when talking about how new technologies will radically change the transport offer, reacting to the new patterns that mobility demand is taking in its evolution, both for people and goods.”

Click here to see more about Federico’s panel.

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