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The Polcevera Park and The Red Circle, Genova | First Prize

October 2019

MIC is proud to be part of the winning team of the international competition for Polcevera Park under Ponte Morandi in Genoa. The team was led by STEFANO BOERI ARCHITETTI (Group leader/urban projects), METROGRAMMA MILANO (Architectural Design), INSIDE OUTSIDE | PETRA BLAISSE (Landscape Design) with MIC | Mobility in Chain (Mobility, traffic, infrastructures), Studio Laura Gatti (Agronomist and Environmental Requalifiation), Transsolar Energietechnik (Environmental comfort and Energy efficiency), Antonio Secondo Accotto (Geologist), H&A Associati (Urban transformation and economic assessments), Studio Luca Vitone (Artist), Tempo Riuso (Participatory processes).

The urban project, named "The Polcevera Park and The Red Circle" has been thought out as a system of parks with different ecologies and infrastructures for sustainable mobility and smart buildings for R&D and manufacturing with the aim of reversing the current image of the Polcevera valley, from a complex and tragically devastated place to a territory of sustainable innovation for the rejuvenation of Genoa itself.

The Red Steel Circle is first and foremost a relationship-building structure: it is a bike-pedestrian road 1570 meters long, 6 meters wide and 250 meters radius, equipped with a 120-meter-high Wind Tower for the production and distribution of renewable energy that connects the district just in front of the new station. The Red Circle is part of a sustainable mobility grid where bike and pedestrian paths, smart mobility lanes, shared surfaces and intelligent parking spaces all come together inside a strategy developed with the goal of creating a safe public space on a human scale.

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