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Unicorn Island masterplan by OMA

May 2018

Mobility In Chain New York is delighted to announce that it is a part of OMA’s team for the design of Unicorn Island masterplan in Chengdu, China, which has been selected as one of four winning entries in the international design competition.

Unicorn Island is an innovative masterplan specifically designed for New Economy companies, which are a key driver of China’s economic transition from a production oriented to a knowledge and service based economy. The masterplan contains a wide repertoire of working and living conditions and is specifically designed for both start-up tech companies and established Unicorn companies (companies with a value of 1B USD).

Ana Paez Project Consultant explained that MIC lead the design team in two main aspects: the first was the road design in which road hierarchies were defined throughout the masterplan. The proposed sections were thought out to accommodate private vehicles, public transit, a private shuttle (eventually driverless), service/emergency vehicles, bikes/e-bikes and pedestrians. In addition to this MIC also provided a parking consultancy that allowed for a flexible parking layout that could host dedicated areas for smart parking, shared fleets, driverless vehicles and an underground consolidation center from which goods would be distributed by a fleet of electric vehicles throughout the masterplan, in order to minimize logistic traffic at grade.

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