Aerospace City Doha

Mixed use development including a university campus, a mixed use marina, general aviation airport and aerospace museum.

The complexity of the project, combining airport facilities with the university campus, led to an holistic and strategic approach for the optimisation of the mobility component inside and between these complex clusters. The project from the onset was addressed through a sustainability perspective focusing on the reduction of car access to the site and the minimization of car movement within the site. Connecting on the planned Metro expansion, the public transport system envisaged a fleet of electrical bus moving both on fixed roots and on demand strategy. The capillary coverage of public transport was also integrated by a Digital Transport Hub focused on allowing the user to be always informed on the location and availability of public transport.

Our Contribution:

MIC was involved in the project from the Concept design stage and looked at developing all the transport related issues, from the highway connection and locations to the internal transport system both in terms of road and public transport.

MIC defined all the internal ROW as well as the car park size, location and layout. MIC contribution also looked at pedestrian movement.

Doha, Mixed use, Concept Design

Main expertise: Masterplan Mobility Consultancy

Other expertise: Strategic Advisory on Transport & Accessibility

Sectors: Airports & Airports Cities

Year: 2009

Status: Completed

Client: KPF