Artkvartal Masterplan Moscow

ArtKvartal is a complex project of urban space transformation, including preliminary research, social programming, masterplanning, single projects and street and public space design. The territory of 510 ha is located very close to the city center and is thought as a long term pilot project promoting the idea of an area for life and work of creative people in Moscow.

The current work has been part a new beginning aiming to develop the ArtKvartal Development Concept as a broader vision of urban space transformation and distinguish 11 districts to develop a unique identity territory development concept for each of them, giving a high importance to social functions programming.

Our Contribution:

Within the team of architects, landscape designers, economists and sociologists MIC performed a broad survey both in a wider and local scale conditions in terms of transport and people’s movements. The first stage of the study considered understanding the people’s moving behavior in the city scale which taking in consideration the scale of the study area can’t be neglected. Outlining the future mobility actions required understanding of how many trips are already loading both the private and public transport access network, as well as highlighting the axes with the greatest potential. Then focusing on the masterplan the studies aimed to identify the major site weakness and strengths; traffic/public transport/pedestrian counts to define the quantities; interviews to understand people’s behaviors. The basic guideline of the Artkvartal transport planning was to mostly rely on public transport for the main accessibility to the masterplan in order to avoid loading excessively the already congested external road network and promoting alternative mobility means.

Besides each of 11 districts was treated as a single organism, taking in to account it’s vocation, landuse, strategic position and predisposition. For instance “Razguliay” district took the role of the green lungs of the masterplan, becoming fertile soil for sustainable mobility, walkability and cycle corridors when “Basmanniy” is the most central access point developed as a multi-modal interchange hub of ArtKvartal.

Moscow, Masterplan

Main expertise: Masterplan Mobility Consultancy

Other expertise: Public Transport Consultancy, Innovative Mobility

Sectors: Masterplans

Year: 2012

Status: Completed

Client: State Development