Aviapark Shopping Centre

Aviapark is the biggest shopping mall in Europe and is located at the north–west of the cite centre of Moscow.

In spite of the size of the shopping centre, the access system was not ideal and it is actually ensured by a left turn manoeuvre at the traffic signal in front of the building. MIC consultancy activity explored the possible elements that could allow producing a better experience to the customers together with a better efficiency of the car circulation and of the pedestrian accessibility.

Our Contribution:

The first part of the activity focused on the understanding of the current traffic patterns around the site, as well as on the understanding of the future development and road changes that might affect the access to the shopping centre in the short, medium and long term.

Once the baseline scenario was established, a set of options for road improvement was developed and discussed with the client at concept level, evaluating the pros/cons of the different scenarios.

In parallel with the scenario definition, a traffic survey at the relevant junctions was carried out in order to understand and evaluate the delay that a shopper has to experience prior to entering the shopping centre.

Review and analysis of footfall dataset provided by the client allowed establishing the flow profile and the days for the survey. The traffic surveys, carried out manually and via video camera shooting, were utilised to feed a micro modelling simulation with the software Paramics that allowed quantifying the impact of the different scenario(s) that were established at the concept level.

The final activity was the preparation of a CAD base drawing in order to verify the possible impact of the proposed optimal solution in terms of space requirement.

Moscow, Aviapark, Shopping Center

Main expertise: Strategic Advisory on Transport & Accessibility

Other expertise:

Sectors: Retail

Year: 2015

Status: Completed

Client: Aviapark