Estrada da Samba regeneration

A model regeneration development for Luanda - Estrada da Samba regeneration seeks to extend and focus the renewal opportunities for a densely populated and mixed urban area of Angola’s capital city. Estrada da Samba will become a quality highway corridor with regular and efficient new bus services and a managed system of junction controls that reconnect the waterfront with its wider urban context. The development density will be increased along the route to reflect its improved status, value and connectivity.

Our Contribution:

MIC gave technical support to the master planning team in order to assist on the following topics:

  • The development of an integrated, multi-modal, strategic approach to transportation planning, that will conform to transportation goals and objectives;
  • Define the overall city “role” of the Estrada da Samba in relation of the other east-west connectors;
  • Define the layout of the road and its connections with new service road and Marginal da Corimba, all the main junctions and the and the typical sections, with spot levels for ramp structures.

Main expertise: Road Design & Streetscape

Other expertise: Masterplan Mobility Consultancy

Sectors: Road Infrastructure

Year: 2013

Status: Completed

Client: Urbinvest