Hyatt Regency Istra

Hyatt Regency Moscow Istra Resort is located 55 km from the Moscow Ring Road and 8.5 km from Istra town, on the shore of the picturesque Istra lake. Designed by architectural bureau “Project Meganom” the luxury Resort is planned to become a first claimed five-star hotel in the Moscow region.

The Hotel complex is represented by the main Hyatt Hotel building connected to several clusters by the glazed gallery, ensuring the connectivity between the clusters and a comfortable arrival experience of the guests, especially in winter time.

Due to the fact that private cars are not allowed on the territory in order to create a more sustainable, emission-free environment, MIC task was to develop a strategy for a comfortable outdoor and indoor service to move the guests and visitors within the territory.

Our Contribution:

In order to create a more pedestrian friendly, emission-free environment, MIC outlined the transportation scheme for the entire Resort masterplan to provide consistent buggy supply for the service, maintenance and emergency vehicles, connecting the external system and the internal gallery for movement of people and room service.

Based on the expected number of users MIC computed an optimal number of total (different typology) buggy fleet to guaranty that the fleet will cope the number of visitors even on the busiest day keeping waiting time at minimumMoreover different strategies such as “taxi stations” or circulation around the territory during peak hours were proposed to serve the nearest guest immediately.

Hyatt Istra, Hyatt Moscow Region

Main expertise: Strategic Advisory on Transport & Accessibility

Other expertise: Masterplan Mobility Consultancy

Sectors: Tourism

Year: 2015

Status: Completed

Client: Vector Investments LLC