Interchange Hub Otradnoye

Otradnoye is one of the first Moscow Interchange Hub redevelopment project in the framework of the wider TPU renovation program promoted by Moscow metro since 2012. The area stands out by the size (9.7 ha intervention area) and the functional complexity of the development since the masterplan programs envisaged besides of the improvement of the public transport accessibility, additional land use such as retail, cinemas, and other speculative functions. Otradnoye district is also characterized by a high density residential area, with an area of 10.16 km² and a population of 168.800 inhabitants (2010) and is currently the 4th most populated neighborhood of Moscow.

Our Contribution:

MIC scope was focused on verifying the operation of the access system to the developments in relation to the mobility context of the area as well of the wider context, with a particular attention to the traffic conditions on the roads adjacent to the site, to all the different public transport system present in the area and the additional functions included in the masterplan.

Based on the detailed overall analysis of the current condition, it was proposed a refinement of the road geometries with the aim to regulate traffic and parking, also to give more quality to the public space areas and improve pedestrian safety. Particular attention was given to the optimization of surface public transport routes and the location of bus stops.

 For each program MIC performed a set of analysis, including the Trip Generation, road re-configuration, parking provision and facilities, pedestrian model simulation

Moscow, Traffic simulation, Modeling

Main expertise: Public Transport Consultancy

Other expertise: Strategic Advisory on Transport & Accessibility

Sectors: Transit Nodes

Year: 2013

Status: Completed

Client: State Unitary Enterprise Moskovsky Metropolitan