International Fair Area Masterplan

The study area occupies a strategic location centre of Milan. The CityLife Masterplan was based upon the idea of creating a mixed use transit oriented development, with three office towers and several residential areas clustered around the new Line 5 Metro Station. In addition, more than 50% of the area was redeveloped (143,000m2) and devoted to a park.

Due to the magnitude and the location of the master plan area, MIC view was that the careful planning of mobility related issues would be critical to the success of the project. An excellent level of service for the predicted travel demand generated by the development is deemed to be one of the pivotal elements which would guarantee the success of this challenging and high profile project. The consultancy was aimed at investigating and offering a vision of sustainable and integrated transport strategy, able to provide adequate transport capacity to the need of travel expressed by the development.

Our Contribution:

The main task of MIC consultancy was to provide the definition of pedestrian “desire lines” between the different attractors and generators of movements. The simulation was developed for all the main traffic generators (public transport stops and stations) in order to define a fine grained pedestrian network to be designed in the area.

The predicted trips were subsequently distributed according to the predominant movements across the pedestrian network, the location of main generators and attractors within the surrounding area and the available public transport services which provides direct and efficient accessibility to the development.

The analysis was based upon the production/attraction magnitude of the land uses and among the different modes of transport in relation to the nature of the journey (short-long distance) and its purpose. The results of the study were included in the RFP package for the Landscape design competition, won by Gustaffson Porter Landscape Architect.

Access strategy, Pedestrian

Main expertise: Pedestrian & Cycle Studies

Other expertise: Spatial Analysis

Sectors: Public Realm

Year: 2009

Status: Completed

Client: Citylife