Marginal da Corimba Road Corridor

Mobility in Chain and Broadway Malyan were commissioned to prepare a vision and concept for a new coastal road connecting Luanda City Centre with the Futungo de Belas tourism hub as a 7 km corniche promenade featuring 700 ha of high density mixed-use residential and commercial development for 100,000 residents, fronting new public beaches to change the setting and perception of this Atlantic coastal capital city.

The scheme includes integrated LRT, a 4x4- lane carriageway corridor with contraflow filters servicing the beach promenade and mixed retail frontages.

The road changes in character on approach to the city, from residential apartment blocks to commercial central business district. Key nodes along the route are enlivened by a mix of community, civic and leisure uses to maximise the benefit of investment in infrastructure. The development plots will be reclaimed and the associated road right of way protected as a bulk services and transportation corridor to ensure the development meets best international development standards.

From a pure mobility perspective the overall masterplan concept is based on creating a rich and sustainable urban environment that can be achieved only by minimizing the impact of private traffic in the new built environment, promoting public transport and green modes of transport to circulate in and between different districts of the masterplan.

The Marginal da Corimba road corridor has been designed to merge seamlessly with the distributor road network extending south of the capital, connecting with the new airport, and with the existing Baia Marginal which successfully frames the downtown waterfront. A broader network of distributor and local access roads was designed as the framework for reclamation and development which will ultimately fund the infrastructure costs for the project.

Our Contribution:
The Marginal da Corimba road corridor

Main expertise: Road Design & Streetscape

Other expertise: Masterplan Mobility Consultancy, Strategic Advisory on Transport & Accessibility

Sectors: Road Infrastructure

Year: 2013

Status: Completed

Client: Gabinete Gestão de Futungo de Belas e do Mussulo