Moscow Green Ring – phase one

The Green Ring project is a concept design for the realization of a circular cycle route linking many parks and forests in the area between the Third Ring Road and the MKAD. The route was outlined in the strategic cycle network proposed in the Pedestrian and Bicycle Masterplan 2020, in which MIC took part as well. The My Street 2015-2018 programme then scheduled the interventions planned during the 2015-2018 period, and the western half of the Green Ring was designated as a priority project.

The project is a challenging one, as it develops not only through parks and green areas, as one may believe, but it also aims at transforming stretches of important roads and complex intersections, that often convey a huge number of lanes and intense traffic flows. The goal of the project is to design the concept for the cycle route and the complementary facilities for cycling as well, including wayfinding signage, lighting, bike racks, bike storage etc.

Our Contribution:

At the preliminary analytical stage, MIC contributed in understanding the traffic scheme and giving some preliminary evaluation on the magnitude of traffic flows. As the design process started, MIC supported Strelka KB in slightly adjusting the planned route in order to minimize conflicts and maximize accessibility to attractors and public transport hubs. The context was taken into consideration for finding the most fitting cycle route typology, which in most cases resulted being a comfortably-wide, two-way segregated type.

At a more detailed level, MIC contributed in solving the road design issues deriving from the intervention on existing roads and intersection. Generally, the roads touched by the project were very wide, in terms of both traffic lanes and sidewalks: this allowed to easily find space for cycling. In spite of this, it is known that wide carriageways encourage speeding: the design of the cycle route included therefore strategies and interventions aiming at either protecting cyclists or controlling and slowing traffic flows.

Moscow, Green ring, Public Transport

Main expertise: Pedestrian & Cycle Studies

Other expertise: Road Design & Streetscape

Sectors: Transport Plans Studies

Year: 2015

Status: Completed

Client: Moscow Department of Transportation