Parking Access Technology & Wayfinding of Portopiccolo

Portopiccolo is not only a residential center, it was also conceived as a true marine village, in a fascinating synthesis of architecture combined with cutting edge technology, services and eco-sustainability. In Portopiccolo there is no traffic, pollution or noise, nonetheless you can drive right onto doorstep. Portopiccolo is a smart village where state of the art technology ensures the maximum of seamless accessibility despite the constraints induced by the natural setting.

Our Contribution:

MIC has been advising developers and designers of Portopiccolo on the accessibility of the site when, at some point, the development’s nature was transformed from an entirely gated development to a high-end community open to visitors.

As the project was already under construction, little was the opportunity to affect the actual design. Then, MIC prepared the concept for the accessibility of PortoPiccolo using cutting edge parking access technology to turn around infrastructural constraints. MIC has pursued its vision by preparing tender documents for the selection of the technology provider and assisted the client during the selection process. Finally, MIC advised on the wayfinding concept for easy navigation of visitors during their stay in PortoPiccolo.

The development was opened to public in Q3 2014.

Parking Management, Wayfinding, Navigation

Main expertise: Strategic Advisory on Transport & Accessibility

Other expertise: Parking Consultancy

Sectors: Hospitals, Tourism

Year: 2012

Status: Completed

Client: Serenissima SGR