Progetto Manifattura Green Travel Plan

Progetto Manifattura is an incubator and hub for companies with sustainable projects of Trentino Sviluppo, located in the historic building previously occupied by a tobacco manufacture. It is designed to be a model for sustainable growth that educates the public as it stimulates the green economy. It is a productivity platform that offers a mix of uses: offices, light manufacturing, test labs, research, education and services, strongly oriented on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Our Contribution:

MIC was appointed for the preparation of the mobility management plan (here called Green Travel Plan), a set of strategies and action with the aim of reducing trips on private transport in favour of more sustainable systems and limiting the parking demand of the development. The objective is the activation of a set of policies and actions encouraging the usage of sustainable modes of transport, creating a working place founded on sustainability and urban quality, and reducing economic and energetic costs for the construction of an oversized parking structure; part of the savings is then invested in the implementation of the strategies. MIC consultancy activity was based on 3 main phases.

The first one is an analytic phase (Accessibility Profile Analysis), was aimed at understanding the home-work trip patterns of the employees of the development, their behavioural patterns and their inclination to changing the mode of transport, in order to elaborate the possible future scenarios.

The second phase (Green Travel Plan Vision) was dedicated to the creation of the Plan, through the selection of policies and strategies together with the client, to be implemented to reach the goals of the Plan. For each strategy, the actions to be undertaken were identified and their preliminary feasibility evaluated.

The third phase (Key Projects) concentrated on some pilot projects, selected on the basis of their costs, feasibility and effectiveness in reaching the goals of the Plan. The time required for their activation was evaluated, as well as pros and cons and the actions to be undertaken to implement them.

Accessibility Profile Analysis, Green Travel Plan, mobility management plan, Manifattura

Main expertise: Strategic Advisory on Transport & Accessibility

Other expertise: Innovative Mobility, Masterplan Mobility Consultancy


Year: 2013

Status: Completed

Client: Progetto Manifattura