Sanino Masterplan

The whole development area is 2000 ha located 35 km from the city center on the South-West of Moscow. The area consists of the Sanino district and three other surrounding districts together considered as one of the largest new residential developments in New Moscow* (* the project of expansion of the territory of in 2011). Besides the strategic location status of the new development is given due to the near proximity of Moscow airport Vnukovo (less than 10 km). MIC evaluated the functioning and system of existing and planned transport infrastructure, setting the general transport strategy for the entire development, but the main focus was on a smaller project area of Sanino settlement, planned to be developed as a first phase.

Our Contribution:

The district is located between two main radial motorways M1 & M3, around 10 km from the closest planned metro station “Rasskazovka”, planned to be completed in 2017 and between two suburban railway stations. Besides the plan for a new bus network providing internal and external connections with “Rasskazovka” metro station, one of the optional proposals was a new railway station in between two existing, available in 800m walking distance and potentially increasing the development attractiveness. Personal mobility plan was completed with a Mobility on demand systems integrated throughout the masterplan.

The core task defining the success of the development was the treatment of the North/South primary link road, which is also a toll road, dividing the development in two parts. MIC elaborated optional road & access junction configurations and estimated the traffic conditions for a new settlement to ensure the smooth accessibility to the both sides of the Sanino district.

Moscow, Mobility on Demand