Sedici Pini Shopping Mall

The “Sedici Pini” Shopping Centre is located in the south-west of Pomezia, in the province of Rome. It is directly accessible by car through the SP101a (Via del Mare), which connects the primary road SS148 (arterial road of the Grande Raccordo Anulare) with the SP601 (Litoranea). The local public transport service does not guarantee an efficient connection between Pomezia and the mall.

The vehicular accessibility to the site is provided through a dedicated circulation connected to the main road network by two roundabouts. The shopping centre is developed in three levels: underground level, ground floor and first floor. The three different levels are connected by two main systems of vertical connections, with travelators and stairs. An important characteristic of the shopping centre is the subdivision in two different blocks: the first one is mainly an external area (“open block”), while the other one is a traditional covered gallery (“closed block”). It is provided with a large at-grade parking area (of about 530 car park spaces) and an under­ground parking (of about 1.000 car park spaces).

Our Contribution:

The first part of the activity focused on the understanding of the current situation and critical issues. It has been studied the pedestrian accessibility of the building and the functional configuration of the internal space and vertical connections in order to maximize the footfall and the pedestrian accessibility and connectivity inside the mall.

Pedestrian flows has been carried out during the survey in order to understand the users’ behaviour in relation with the capacity of the internal circulation, the location of the vertical connections and internal distribution of the commercial anchor.

The second part of the activity focused on the analysis of all elements in order to find all criticalities which have an impact on the visibility and accessibility for each floor and in particular of some commercial corridors/areas inside the mall. Different solutions and recommendations have been proposed in order to solve the observed criticalities.

Shopping Center, Access strategy, Parking

Main expertise: Pedestrian & Cycle Studies

Other expertise: Strategic Advisory on Transport & Accessibility

Sectors: Retail

Year: 2015

Status: Completed

Client: Retail Property Fund