Swedish Multi-modal Freight Transport Model

Samgods is the national freight model in Sweden. The model is used for policy analysis, analysis of different measures such as infrastructure investments including cost benefit analysis etc. On the Swedish Transport Administration (STA) the model is used specifically in the national plan for breaking down the economic forecast to regional transport growth numbers used in sub models or and for making sensitivity analysis of different scenarios. Samgods is modelling the national level with transport solutions for domestic, import, export and transit for all transport modes.

The model includes several modules that has been developed separately. These modules communicates with each other in an interface developed in Cube for monitoring the execution and setup of scenarios.

The main core is the logistics model, developed by Significance, that can be described as an aggregate-disaggregate-aggregate (ADA) model system. In the ADA model system, the production to consumption (PC) flows and the network model are specified at an aggregate level for reasons of data availability. Between these two aggregate components is a logistics model that explains the choice of shipment size and transport chain, including mode choice for each leg of the transport chain.

During 2014 added functionality has been included in the system to facilitate the handling of the rail capacity management procedures (RCM). In 2015 the model has been enhanced in many ways. It is mode stable, considerably faster, uses updated and more accurate data and gives the user more possibilities to setup the model and analyse the results.

Samgods 1.1 was released the first of April 2016 and this version replaces earlier versions of the model.

Every year the methodology of specific aspects is reviewed and enhanced. The current challengers regard the elasticity evaluation of the results and the logit formulation for the transport solutions.

Information of the model and all related reports is available at webpage:

Our Contribution:

Trafikverket has commissioned MobilityInChain to incorporate Samgods in Cube and produced the technical documentation and user manuals. Trafikverket and Sweco have carried out substantial part of testing and troubleshooting of the system. An extended version of the manual is produced in cooperation with Trafikverket.

Current development aims to improve the possibilities of using the model of economic calculations, achieving an improved forecast accuracy for traffic and develop the allocation of empty vehicles.

Transport Model, National freight model, Samgods, Sweden

Main expertise: Urban & Regional Transport Planning

Other expertise:

Sectors: Transport Plans Studies

Year: 2015

Status: Ongoing

Client: Trafikverket