Volzhskaya Interchange Hub

The Volzhkaya Interchange Hub masterplan is composed by three main project areas:

• The Interchange hub, composed by the transit facilities, bus terminal, metro station and Park and Ride facilities

• A mayor shopping Centre (130,000 sqm of GBA), which is the prominent built up areas within the project. Although the design’s main goal focuses on the transit functions, it was crucial to design an efficient commercial building, in order to attract private investments together with the public transportation development. The commercial area will benefit of the passengers and commuters flow originated in the TPU, and will provide to any user an alternative gathering place.

• A vast green area provides the possibility to realize new public services for the neighborhood.

Our Contribution:

MIC was involved in the planning process of “Volzhkaya” Interchange Hub looking at its transport related component’s such as public means of transportation, private mobility and pedestrian connections. The transport planning scenarios have been developed and tested through traffic models in order to maximize the centrality of the TPU area and its connections between all means of public transportation, the park and ride facility, the new commercial development.

The study analyze all the components of the mobility flows (private traffic, public transport, pedestrian access) related to the existing and future conditions.

A Traffic Micro simulation model has been developed in order to generate a quantitative assessment of traffic conditions in the study area in the attempt to accurately represent the future road network configuration, the vehicular flows and the performances of the junctions in the area of interest. A level of service static model has been implemented in order to evaluate the pedestrian flows efficiency in the interchange hub.

Moscow, Interchange hub

Main expertise: Pedestrian Modeling

Other expertise: Strategic Advisory on Transport & Accessibility

Sectors: Transit Nodes

Year: 2014

Status: Completed

Client: Mosgiprotrans