ZIL Peninsula Masterplan

Located on the ZIL peninsula along the Moscow riverfront, the concept masterplan is a mixed use development covering a total area of over 44 he. The development programme allows for a Gross floor Area (GFA) of approximately 1.2 million square meters, about 75% of it dedicated for residential units. The Masterplan includes a Main pedestrian boulevard hosting a series of amenities spaces, commercial activities, services and cultural facilities.

Situated between the Moscow riverfront embankment and a proposed park adjacent to the masterplan, the spatial organisation of the buildings allows several soft mobility routes and bikeways (part of Moscow Bicycle Network) connecting the embankment’s linear park and public space to the proposed park passing through the residential units and the main pedestrian boulevard.

The project reflects a classic, yet complex master planning exercise including activities such as Accessibility strategies, road hierarchy assignment and design, parking and services strategies to list a few.

Our Contribution:

MIC supported the design team in the development of the transport and accessibility strategy for the concept masterplan. In particular, the activities of MIC focused on the framing of the project into the city-scale transport and development plans, in order to develop coordinated strategies with the context.

A trip generation exercise allowed building a preliminary microsimulation model to test different scenarios of reconfiguration of the road network and evaluate the impact of the development on the surroundings.

MIC also developed public transport, servicing and parking strategies for the site and developed the preliminary layout of the road network, in order to enhance the pedestrian connectivity.

Moscow, Accessibility strategies, Parking strategies, ZIL Peninsula

Main expertise: Masterplan Mobility Consultancy

Other expertise: Public Transport Consultancy, Road Design & Streetscape


Year: 2014

Status: Completed

Client: LSR Group