Zukunft Metropole Ruhr

The Ruhr leading planning association (RVR), in Germany’s largest agglomeration Ruhr with its 5 Million inhabitants, has chosen an innovative, discursive creation process for its new Regional Masterplan. The process for establishing the regional plan was designed to deliver answers to complex challenges of a post-industrial agglomeration in structural change.

This ideas competition focused on the development of an integrated, interdisciplinary concept for the Ruhr Region, its perspectives and visions as well as solution proposals which exemplify desired future developments in specified key urban design and architectural projects. The future visions referred to the whole metropolitan area and integrated different components into one development perspective for the region.

The long term planning initiative focused on defining an improved quality of life in order to achieve a visible and sustainable change.

The reconfiguration of infrastructure and transportation represents the imperative of moving toward a more efficient and environmentally sustainable region through transformation of the systems and networks that carry the city’s water, waste, energy and transportation. From a mobility and transportation standpoint the target will be to reshape transportation networks within a regional, multimodal network that better serves commercial and personal transportation needs, especially in terms of connecting neighbourhoods and employment districts, as well as better serving the freight industry.

Our Contribution:
Ruhr Region

Main expertise: Urban & Regional Transport Planning

Other expertise: Spatial Analysis

Sectors: Transport Plans Studies

Year: 2013

Status: Completed

Client: RVR Regionalverband Ruhr