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MIC at the Generational States organized by Global Shapers and the Youth Network

December 2020

MIC Consultant Andreas D’amico was the moderator of one fo the panels of “Generational States”, an initiative from Global Shapers and The Youth Network.
Andreas had a dialogue with Alessandra Todde, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Economic Development, and Professor Enrico Giovannini, co-founder of ASVIS (Alliance for Sustainable Development), and Professor at Rome Tor Vergata University.
The panel focused on how our cities have to respond to climate change and poor protection of the environment. These two issues are identified as existential threats to Italy, Europe, and the entire World. To overcome these challenges, we need a new growth strategy to transform the world we live in into a modern economy, with specifc attention to rban planning and resources management. It is essential to create a future where greenhouse gas emissions are cut to zero, where economic growth and sustainability are not in conflict, and where no person or territory is left behind.
As part of the “Generational States”, the panel reflected the message of the Youth Plan 2021: we can transofrm the challenges on climate change and environmental protection and into opportunities, generating a green, just and inclusive transition for all.

Take a look at the recording of the event at this link

The Youth Plan can be downloaded here