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Gyeongdo Island South Korea Masterplan with UNStudio

May 2020

MIC is delighted to announce the collaboration with UNStudio on Gyeongdo Island, a new leisure destination 2 km away from the shoreline of the city of Yeosu, the main tourist hub of the Namhae region.

Going beyond traditional landscape design, the masterplan focuses on nature as a key element in curating experiences on the island. This is manifested in multiple gardens that re-imagine the concept of the garden in unique and individual ways.
Aiming to turn Gyeongdo Island into Asia’s number one marine and coastal tourism destination, the new development offers a rich programme of amenities, activities and infrastructure, including among others, an exclusive hotel, private villas, holiday apartments, an outdoor-indoor water park resort, shopping centre, marinas and a cable-car. Ease of movement is ensured by a seamless public transportation system that offers limitless possibilities of access to multiple destinations and recreation activities, turning the island into an easy to navigate, exciting journey of discovery.

Mobility in Chain’s partner on the project include

Lead Consultant/Architect: UNStudio (NL)
Economic Strategy: Saskia Leenstra (NL), LDP (UK)
Digital Communication: squint/opera (UK)
Landscape: Or/Else (NL)
Water Management and IT: Nelen & Schuurmans (NL)
Visualisations: Plomp (NL), Flying Architecture (CZ)

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