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MIC is one of the winners of the Call Urban Factor, promoted by Urban Center and Triennale di Milano.

January 2020

We are pleased to have been chosen among the 10 proposals of Public Programs that will animate the Urban Center of Milan at Triennale during 2020.
Our proposal, Mobility as Urban Factor, is the opportunity to read the transformations of the city through the mobility layer, in the framework of the environmental crisis that we are living.
The program foresees, through 5 macro themes, to analyze the theme of mobility by talking about: people and how they move, urban mobility policies, infrastructures and their central role in the regeneration of the city, public space as a space of relationship between dynamic (mobility flows) and static (architectures) elements of urban ecosystem and finally future of mobility dynamics.
Representing MIC, Gaia Sgaramella presented our program that will consist of 10 events, 5 talks with 5 international Keynote Speakers + 5 round tables with 5 local main Chairs. The final goal will be to collect in 10 events, 10 shared actions, in order to feed the common vision of Milan 2030.

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