Al Sulaimania Masterplan

Al Sulaimania District is a new mega development masterplan (3.398.000 sqm of GFA), planned on the central-east part of Jeddah, covering the south-west quadrant of the Old Airport site. Al Sulaimania Master Plan will be a showcase for the future development of the Old Airport area (JOAMP masterplan), and will represent an important node in the city of Jeddah, integrating new public transport infrastructure and improving city road connections.

MIC, as consultant to the leading architect HAK, was in charge of the accessibility, public transport, parking strategies and traffic simulations. MIC activities included the development of a full transport assessment through a macro and micro simulation model. The result from the Scenarios tested in the JOAMP masterplan will be used as a sub-area to develop the micro simulation model of the Al Sulaimania masterplan.

Keywords: masterplan, Jeddah

Fast facts

Sector: Masterplans

Main expertise: Transport and Traffic Modelling

Other expertise: Traffic Impact Study & Assessments Masterplan Mobility Consultancy Public Transport Consultancy

Year: 2017

Status: Completed


Country: Saudi Arabia