Transit Nodes

Ar Riyadh Metro Stations Line 3

The work objective of MIC was the development of a set of dynamic pedestrian simulation along with providing assistance on the functional and transport assessment to the detail design stage of 10 metro stations in the framework of the Ar Riyadh metro network development. The purpose of this activity was to verify the operation of the access system, internal circulation and vertical transportation.

The pedestrian model replicated the stations layout and was loaded with the expected passenger demand. The combination of the two elements returned the degree of usage of the vertical connections, the corridors, the turnstiles, the platforms within the stations, hence the performance indicators.

The scope of work for Passenger Flow Analysis in the design of Riyadh metro stations included for each selected station the following:

  • Dynamic Agent-based Pedestrian Simulation for Normal Operation scenario & Delayed Operation scenario
  • Dynamic Agent-based Pedestrian Simulation for Evacuation scenario.

Keywords: Riyadh

Fast facts

Sector: Transit Nodes

Main expertise: Pedestrian Modelling

Other expertise:

Year: 2015

Status: Completed

Client: ArRiyadh New Mobility Riyadh

Country: Saudi Arabia