Fili Project Moscow

Fili is a large residential area in North-West Moscow that has been consistent with the sprawl towards Moscow’s outskirts. The Fili Area is recognized by the at-grade Filiovskaya metro line that was built in 1960-1970s to provide the accessibility but in the same time physically splits the area into two very independently functioning parts, leaving the line adjacencies as space for utilities, garages or simply abandoned areas. 

The project’s concept aims to renovate and upgrade the metro line as well as redeveloping the adjacent areas in an attempt to densify the area with mainly residential, with office and other multifunctional components, while improving the overall urban quality of the area.

MIC involvement on the project was to support LSR on the project vision from mobility prospective, developing the transport and accessibility strategy, proposing Public transport network suggestion in correspondence with the metro line rearrangement options, reinforcing the concept of walkability within the area by assessing the pedestrian connections, and finally understand the masterplans impact on the area in term of generated traffic as well as its parking demand.

Keywords: Moscow

Fast facts

Sector: Masterplans

Main expertise: Masterplan Mobility Consultancy

Other expertise: Spatial Analysis Strategic Advisory on Transportation

Year: 2015

Status: Completed

Client: LSR Group

Country: Russian Federation