Gaziosmanpaşa Masterplan Istanbul

The Gaziosmanpasa urban regeneration masterplan is a 11km2 development where approx. 550,000 people will live and work, linking the new municipality with the metropolitan city of Istanbul, Turkey.

The municipality is characterized by the prominent valley running through its centre, with the city Boulevard that connects 4 major district hotspots: the new business centre to the north, the administration centre to the south, the old town city centre with the city hall, and a sub-centre in between.

A set of 11 topics, ranging from improving the quality of life to sustainable mobility, were considered as a basis for the entire masterplan vision.

The proposed Gaziosmanpasa transport plan and Guidelines incorporate MIC innovative transport strategies focusing on reducing congestion, decreasing dependence on private cars, favoring environmentally sustainable modes toward collective transportation. The main challenge, among others, was to accommodate innovative public transport-related solutions into a very hilly urban area of Istanbul.  Ultimately, MIC was responsible for designing street guidelines toward a more pedestrian-friendly urban environment.

Keywords: Istanbul

Fast facts

Sector: Masterplans

Main expertise: Urban & Regional Transport Planning

Other expertise: Masterplan Mobility Consultancy Road Design & Streetscape Transport and Traffic Modelling Public Transport Consultancy

Year: 2013

Status: Completed

Client: KEYM

Country: Turkey