Public Realm

White City Exhibition and Road Design

Involved in the first phase of the White City urban re-qualification project, MIC has been working along with the WC multi-disciplinary team at developing a new vision for the mobility framework of the area. The implementation of the proposed design guidelines required in this second phase a further step in the project’s road design process, in order to achieve the outstanding and challenging goal of changing the vision of such a focal area, so strongly intertwined with the Moscow context, both from a physical and cultural standpoint. In addition to this more technical and fundamental aspect, the second project’s phase also included the equally important aspect of communicating the project’s vision to decision makers, professionals and to the wider public through a video project thought for the White City exhibition held in Moscow in May 2014.

MIC took care of the refinement of the road design proposal of the Volkhonka Road and Kropotkinskaya junction studied in the first project phase, as well as of the cad drawings’ production for the preliminary design. In order to do so, MIC has developed an updated micro-simulation model with the aim of testing and explaining the optimized road layout, the new geometries and the overall circulation revision for private and public transport and for pedestrians. Additionally, MIC has developed a video installation describing to both decision makers and general public the various layers of the White City mobility framework: from the wider to the local scale, from the critical issues to the exploitable potentials.

Keywords: Moscow

Fast facts

Sector: Public Realm

Main expertise: Road Design & Streetscape

Other expertise: Transport and Traffic Modelling Pedestrian & Cycle Studies

Year: 2014

Status: Completed


Country: Russian Federation